Would you like to know what exactly is involved in a translation process? Then you can speak to me directly or find the answers to the most commonly asked questions below:

How should I supply texts to paroliZ?

Please send the text you want translated in the source language, preferably in an editable format. For example, you could send me a Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or PDF file. For marketing texts, I am happy to work with the Adobe® InDesign® exchange format IDML and for web texts XLF, HTML or XML. I will return the text to you in your desired target language in the original layout.
Don't forget that providing reference material and a terminology list will help to ensure consistency

What will it cost to have my text translated?

Unfortunately, there is no set answer to this question. I will provide a non-binding quotation before starting work. This depends on the text and other aspects such as the level of complexity and urgency. I usually charge based on the number of words in the source text.

How long will it take to return my translation?

This depends on the amount of text and level of complexity. You should also schedule in a few days before the work is actually started. Translators like to have a day to work on 2,000 words.

What does your proofreading and editing service cost?

This is usually charged by the amount of time actually spent on the job. The amount of time depends on the quality of the source text and the number of corrections needed. You can supply texts in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel or as a PDF file. If you only have your text in another format, that isn't a problem. We will find a solution.

Why do I need a translator? Can't I use an online service like Google Translate?

There is a time and a place for online tools, and over the last few years many people have found that they have vastly improved. If you want a quick overview of the content of a text or if you don't understand the crucial word in a sentence, Google can often help. But an online tool cannot compete with a high-quality translation. Not convinced? Then ask an online tool to translate “Cut the price in half”. It will give you “Reduzieren Sie den Preis in zwei Hälften” or “Den Preis halbieren” which literally mean “Reduce the price into two halves” or “Halve the price”. paroliZ would have given you the correct translation. If using online tools, you also need to take account of the data protection and confidentiality requirements of your texts!